Burgerim of Ormond Beach Review 

Burgerim of Ormond Beach Review

My husband is a BURGER-guy. No matter where he goes, he almost always orders a burger, unless I can convince him otherwise. So, he know his burgers. My son is following in his footsteps and also orders a burger pretty much wherever we go. So, we of course had to try the new burger joint in town, Burgerim in Ormond Beach.

Burgerim is nestled in the plaza off of Nova between US-1 and Granada. The cleanliness and open atmosphere stood out to me upon walking into Burgerim. As soon as you walk in, you place your order either at the self-serve kiosks or with the host. They’ll then bring your meal to you at the table.

Burgerim is unique in that they sell burgers as DUO or TRIO, so you get 2 or 3 3 oz. burgers with each order. Or, if you’re with a large party of people, you can order a pack of 16 burgers. The really cool thing about this is you can customize each burger. They have all sorts of options for their patties, from beef to chicken, veggie to salmon burger or even falafel burger. You can also choose white or wheat buns (or a lettuce wrap if you’re doing the low carb thing or are gluten-free). Make it a combo and choose from Burgerim fries, onion rings or sweet potato fries or a combo of 2. So, in a TRIO you could order a beef patty, a turkey patty and a lamb patty (yes, they even have lamb!) and order all different toppings on each one! This is such a neat way to customize your meal and try a variety of burgers. I recommend ordering at the self serve kiosks as you’ll want to take your time making sure you pick the perfect combination and toppings for your burgers.

They also have a variety of drinks from an affordable beer & wine list to indulgent milkshakes. My husband ordered the Oreo Crumble milkshake. He was expecting a vanilla based shake with some Oreo crumbles in it so he was pleasantly surprised that the entire shake literally tasted like drinking an Oreo cookie.

My husband was intrigued by the Murguez beef patty, which was packed with spices like cumin, chili pepper, garlic, paprika and red pepper. That combined with the chipotle mayo and pepperjack cheese made for a nice kick in his flavor-filled burger. He even opted for a sunny side up egg on one of his burgers, which added great texture. I went for the burgers without a bun and tried one in a lettuce wrap. I topped mine with avocado, bacon, lettuce and tomato and the freshness of their vegetables really made an impression on me. The onion rings had a crisp and crunchy outside. The sweet potato fries lasted all of 2 minutes between my kiddos, who normally aren’t fans of these types of fries. My son declared them “scrumptious!”.

You can add as many or few toppings as you want, and they definitely don’t skimp on toppings, the burgers are packed, which adds tons of flavor. Our burgers were cooked medium rare, which is what we prefer, but if you prefer medium or more well-done, I’d recommend requesting that during your order.

The service was excellent, the waitress even brought over stickers and paper for my kids to color on. Head there on a Tuesday where kids eat free or on a Wednesday where they offer live trivia and beer bucket specials! Burgerim is a fun place to go to with your family or head there with the guys after work for some burgers and beer.

250 N. Nova Rd.
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
(386) 317-4545

 Review by Bethany